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Why Rent Moving Boxes?

Renting Our Moving Boxes Vs Buying Cardboard Boxes

Rental price is based on 1-14 days.Does not include delivery for orders under $50.00 nor a refundable deposit* Amounts shown are only a guide and can change at any time. Quote is based on a 3-4 bedroom home package. Cardboard box pricing is based on their RRP as brand new*

Products Our Range Competitors Total Our Pricing Competitors Price
Archive / Book Box Available Not available 3 $4.17 $-
Plate Box Available Not available 5 $9.15
Bottle Box Available Not available 3 $11.19 $-
2 Tier Glass Box Available Not available 2 $8.96 $-
3 Tier Glass Box Available Not available 3 $15.03 $-
Medium Box Available Available 40 $68.40 $152.00
Large Box Available Available 20 $40.60 $98.00
Porta Robe Available Available 5 $36.25 $80.00
Packing Tape Not required Additional Cost 3 $- $11.97
Tape Dispenser Not required Additional Cost 1 $- $11.90
Butcher Paper 100 sheets Not required Additional Cost 2 $- $17.90
Labels, each Free Additional Cost 85 $- $106.25
Bubble wrap, 1m x 1m Not required Additional Cost 10 $- $18.00
Cost: $193.75 $496.02
Box Quantity: 81 65
With Us You Save: $302.27

You receive 16 more boxes when renting from The Box Rental Company and can save up to $302.27*

Dependable Box Rental

The transition from an old place to a new one takes time, organisation and patience that you sometimes do not always have. It doesn’t have to be a strain on you, your business or your family and that is why we are here to help. Our products ditch the old-fashioned cardboard style and are designed with ease and simplicity firmly in mind to help ensure that your move goes smoothly, not to mention of delivery and collection service, means we do all the running around, not you!

Don’t Buy Cardboard Boxes

You will be left scratching your head contemplating your bigger bill and even bigger pile of boxes to try and get rid of. It really is a no-brainer – hiring from us does save you money and time than buying from a cardboard box competitor. We deliver your order and will also collect once you are done, simply schedule a time as you make your purchase and we will bring them to you on-time with no fuss!

We Make Moving in Melbourne Easy

Our range of packing boxes available makes moving home or office simple, safe and organised . With our various, specialised box sizes for carrying your clothing, office documents and glassware, we are sure to have thought of everything! When you arrive at your new home or office, dismantling our packing boxes is so easy. There isn’t the frustration of peeling off ugly sticky tape and our specially designed dividers means that you simply open the lid and place your glassware and bottles straight from the box to your cupboard- no unwrapping required!

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